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wall mounted hook, chair hook, hanging chair on the wall

Wall-Mounted Hook

SKU: 11000

SKINNYZ Hook - Can hold up to 6 SKINNYZ chairs on a single hook.


The hanging hook is suitable for most folding chairs (the number of chairs that can be hung depends on the model) - For more information about compatibility and exact quantities for different chairs, please contact customer service.


SKINNYZ Chairs + Hanging Hook Packages:

- For 4 Chairs + Wall Hook >>
- For 5 Chairs + Wall Hook >>
- For 6 Chairs + Wall Hook >>
- For 8 Chairs + 2 Wall Hooks >>
- For 10 Chairs + 2 Wall Hooks >>
- For 12 Chairs + 2 Wall Hooks >>



Durable and strong steel with epoxy powder coating in matte black color.
Sponge rubber pads to prevent slipping and damage to the chairs.


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The hanging hook offers an easy and convenient solution for storing folded chairs on the wall - Consists of two hooks connected for the stability of the chairs plus sponge pads to prevent slipping and damage to the chairs.

The hanging hook has been tested for supporting a weight of up to 30 kg.

Easy to clean, maintain and store.

Hanging Hook Assembly:

  • Make sure to use screws suitable for weight-bearing and compatible with the chosen wall type.
  • If the wall is not made of concrete, ensure that the connection is made to vertical studs capable of bearing this weight.
  • Before installation, verify that the folded width and height of the chair are suitable for the hanging hook niche.
  • The minimum installation height of the hanging hook should be at least 90 cm measured from the floor (verify before installation using the designated chair).
  • The hanging hook frame has 6 screw holes.

** The warranty period is 12 months. For detailed information, please refer to the warranty page >>

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