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About SKINNYZ Chair

​SKINNYZ are the thinnest folding chairs in the world - both comfortable for hosting and easy to store!

  • Innovative and polished design suitable for daily use both indoors and outdoors - for comfortable sitting around the dining table or in the yard.

  • Durable, comfortable and stylish.

  • SKINNYZ stack perfectly - efficient and maximizing space-saving.

  • Easy to clean, maintain and store.

  • One year warranty (the warranty period can be extended for an additional fee).

  • Professional service and support before and after delivery.

We offer storage and transport solutions for SKINNYZ chairs:

  • ​SKINNYZ Trolley - A trolley suitable for up to 12 chairs and includes quality wheels and a weather-proof cover.

  • SKINNYZ Hook - A wall-mounted hook suitable for up to 6 chairs.


​Folding chairs are seating solutions that are commonly used in events, social gatherings, and family occasions. They can be stored at home, in the yard, in the shed, or in a closet. Some fold while others stack. Most of them look simple and unattractive.


​SKINNYZ were designed to save space and optimize utilization while maintaining a modern and clean aesthetic. The various carrying and storage options - trolley/hanger - are perfect for keeping order at home and for easily moving chairs to different areas of the house.

​Our professional team is at your service and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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