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Storage Solutions for Folding Chairs: What's Available on the Market?

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Folding chairs are an excellent solution for space-saving and flexible use in homes and businesses. However, to maximize their benefits, it is important to find convenient and efficient storage solutions. This comprehensive review will explore the storage solutions available on the market for folding chairs, including cabinets, mobile carts, and other creative options.

storage solution for chairs

1. Dedicated Storage Cabinets

Adjustable Shelves Cabinets: These cabinets allow for customized storage according to the size of the chairs. Adjustable shelves maximize the height of the cabinet, enabling the storage of chairs of different sizes.

Sliding Door Cabinets: Cabinets with sliding doors often feature a tall compartment suitable for storing chairs and can also accommodate extension leaves for expanding tables or consoles.

Shallow Wall-Mounted Cabinets: Shallow cabinets limit the storage space for folding chairs. An efficient solution for such cabinets is to hang hooks on the back of the cabinet to store chairs vertically or horizontally using two hooks accordingly.

Before purchasing chairs, it is important to check their dimensions when folded (height, width, depth). Additionally, determine the depth of the required storage compartment to ensure it fits the desired number of chairs.

Thin folding chairs will save space and maximize the number of chairs stored in the cabinet.

2. Mobile Carts

Chair Hanging Storage Carts: These carts/Dollies/Trollies can usually be folded and stored when not in use, allowing for additional space savings. Folding carts offer a flexible and convenient solution for moving chairs from place to place in the home and/or office. They are suitable for high-quality, designer folding chairs.

Medium Carts for Horizontal Chair Placement: Suitable for storing a large number of chairs in institutions or places that require frequent spatial changes. They are ideal for simple and inexpensive folding chairs.

Large Carts with Hanging Rods: Massive and heavy-duty carts are suitable for storing a large number of folding chairs, ensuring good preservation of the chairs. Chairs can be stored on both sides of the cart.

3. Wall-Mounted Hooks

Hanging Chairs on Walls: Using special hooks, chairs can be hung on the wall, saving floor space. This is an excellent solution for small rooms or storage areas where utilizing wall space is essential.

Ensure the hooks are securely mounted and can support the weight of the chairs.

Safety: There are various hook designs available on the market; ensure the hooks are safe (without sharp protrusions at head height).

4. Industrial Shelving

Heavy-duty industrial shelving can bear significant weight and offer a stable and durable storage solution for folding chairs. These shelves are suitable for large institutions, warehouses, or storage rooms.

5. Custom Storage Solutions

Custom storage solutions can be ordered to fit the number of chairs and the size of the available space. Many companies offer planning and custom fitting services according to the customer's needs (ordering cabinets, kitchen manufacturing, planning with interior designers).


Storage solutions for folding chairs are an integral part of their efficient and smart use. There is a wide range of storage solutions on the market, from dedicated cabinets to mobile carts and other creative options. When choosing a storage solution, it is important to consider your specific needs, the number of folding chairs you have, and the size of the available space. By choosing the right storage solution, you can maintain order and organization, and make the most of the space in your home and office.

SKINNYZ The perfect folding chairs
SKINNYZ The Perfect Folding Chairs


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